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Krabbe Translational Research Network (KTRN)

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The last few decades have seen an explosion of scientific and technological breakthroughs. Unfortunately, patient care has not kept up with the rapid pace of new discoveries. The goal of translational research is to break down barriers between disciplines to quickly translate basic research discoveries into practical applications. This "bench-to-beside" approach requires basic scientists and clinicians to work more closely, with information exchanged in both directions. Community input keeps the research focused on issues that matter most to patients and their families.

The Krabbe Translation Research Network (KTRN) is a consortium of scientists and clinicians who are dedicated to helping children with Krabbe disease live longer and healthier lives. The KTRN brings together the complementary knowledge and skills of investigators from different institutions and working in different disciplines to accelerate the development of research findings into new treatments.

KTRN members share data and resources to work towards a single goal. Together, we have identified promising therapeutic approaches for further development. To that end, members are working on collaborative projects and independent but interrelated studies.

Summaries of KTRN meetings:

The funding for KTRN meetings comes from The Legacy of Angels Foundation. The foundation has also provided support for the following projects that resulted from the meetings:

Dr. Maria Escolar:

  • "Krabbe Translational Research Network collaborative lab grant"
  • "MRI for The Program for the Study of Neurodevelopment in Rare Disorders"
  • "A virtual medical home and clinic for children with Krabbe disease"
  • "Program for the Study of Neurodevelopment in Rare Disorders"
  • "Roadmap Initiative to Support Gene Therapy for Krabbe Disease"

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