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Protocol for the Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Function in Early Infancy (PANDI)

The Protocol for the Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Function in Early Infancy (PANDI) was developed by a team of clinicians and early interventionists. This assessment tool is based on extensive research related to health problems associated with developmental delay and markers of early infant development. The purpose of this research study is to verify that the PANDI is able to identify infants at risk for developmental delay. This tool will be extremely useful to evaluate babies when newborn screening is available for lysosomal storage diseases. Use of the PANDI will also help physicians, parents, and community providers better understand the infant's overall functioning. In addition we hope to improve communication among clinicians, parents, and community providers about the infant's abilities and appropriate care.
We are currently enrolling children between 35 and 48 weeks gestational age (under 2 months old, actual or adjusted age).

I would like to participate! How do I know if I am eligible?
You are eligible if: your child was born between 26 to 42 weeks gestational age, and is no more than 2 months old (two months after birth) when he or she is evaluated by the PANDI.

How will participating in this study help you as a parent?
Your child will receive a free developmental evaluation, and you will receive a written report of our findings. You will receive advice on how to care for your child, including the best ways to feed and calm him or her. If your infant qualifies, he or she will be referred for further developmental services


What is it like to participate in the PANDI study?
The assessment will be done as close to discharge as possible and will take about 1 hour. Your infant will be tested with the PANDI when he/she is stable and when you are in the room and able to participate. Your child's development will be re-evaluated at 12 to 18 months, preferably at a regularly scheduled appointment, at no cost to you.

Investigators: Maria Escolar MS, MD | Stephanie Wolfe

In Pennsylvania
Michele Poe, PhD

In North Carolina
Stephanie Wolfe